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We will learn more about how robots can interact with our environment using the Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi.

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 Raspberry Pi and Arduino Projects

In the following tutorials, we will introduce you to the Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards. We will learn the basics of electronics principles and microcontrollers by building simple circuits using a variety of sensors and relays, in the following Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects. We will also learn how to code using Python on the Raspberry Pi and C++ on the Arduino.

A basic understanding of electronics and microcontrollers is prefered, but not required for these tutorials.

 Raspberry Pi Weather Station

Raspberry PiIn this multi-part tutorial we will learn how to create an Astro Pi using the Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT. The Sense HAT has multiple integrted circuit-based sensors, which can be used to "sense" pressure, humidity, temperature, speed and Earth's magnetic field. The Astro Pi is currently being used to perform a variety of science experiements aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Johnathan Nicolosi - 12 Jun 2018

 Environmental Scanner - Arduino-based Sensor Array

Environmental Scanner The Environmental Scanner project began as a simple Arduino-based, environmental monitoring and alert system. Featuring and array of Adafruit and SparkFun electronic sensors, Arduino Uno and an ethernet shield, the Environmental Scanner will host a webpage containing sensor readings and alerts. This webpage will display the current sensor readings, which will refresh every few seconds and will send an alert when sensor levels exceed certain, predefined thresholds.

Johnathan Nicolosi - 25 Sept 2017