Village of the Damned:

A Chaos Realms Adventure Module

Village of the Damned is a Chaos Realms adventure set in the not too distant future. You and up to six other adventurers have been tasked with investigating the disappearance of a missing corporate spy believed to have disappeared near a construction site operated by CorTek Industries, but what you discover beneath the ruins of Hellertown may haunt you forever. Can you survive the nightmarish world of Chaos Realms? Will you lead the fight for, or against humanity in the coming apocalypse?

To play this adventure module, you will need the Village of the Damned Adventure Module and the Chaos Realms Core Rulebook. You will need one or more 6-sided dice to determine the success or failure of various actions performed by your avatar. We offer an online random dice roller for those who do not have their own dice. This website can also be used to quickly look up important people, factions, monsters and equipment encountered throughout the Village of the Damned adventure.

I am currently working on a campaign management app, which will include many automated tasks, and will provide access to all game mechanics, monster and character stats, equipment and spell lists and may be used by game masters to play Chaos Realms adventures from any computer, smartphone or tablet.