The Village of the Damned Setting

This adventure places the players at the center of a dark conspiracy involving evil cults, powerful corporations and vengeful spirits. The core of this adventure centers on investigating what happened to a missing corporate spy that disappeared near an abandoned city in the Saucon Valley, about 40 miles southwest of the Kittatinny Prime Military-Industrial Complex. The adventurers are hired by a mysterious woman to investigate these disappearances.

Players will begin their journey near Stroudsburg Ruins on the outskirts of Kittatinny Prime. Before heading into the adventure, it may be a good idea for the characters to obtain any additional equipment and information they can find. Most of this adventure will take place in the area surrounding the Delaware Water Gap.

Adventure With the Horror Theme

Village of the Damned, as with all Chaos Realms adventures, is a horror game first and foremost. While there may be heroic aspects mixed in with seeds of adventure, its primary purpose is to send chills down the spines of the players. Certain situations and encounters are designed to test the morality of the adventurers.

Encounters with the supernatural and machinations of evil will cause fear and madness in all but the staunchest of adventurers. With this in mind, we have added a Sanity Rating, which must be constantly monitored to ensure your character does not become a raving lunatic during game play. Once a character has accumulated one or more Sanity Points, her Sanity Rating will decrease and will begin to slip into madness. Once a character's Sanity Rating reaches fatal levels, that character looses her grip on the world and will become susceptible to demonic possession.

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