Game Mechanics

Village of the Damned is designed for four to eight players who build their characters by selecting from a variety of options, such as hometown, previous career, current profession and lifestyle. An additional player must accept the role of game master, who will serve as both the story teller and chief enforcer of game mechanics. This adventure uses the Chaos Realms game mechanics, which requires one or more 6-sided die to determine the success or failure of actions performed by characters and monsters.

Chaos Manager

The Chaos Manager web-based portal will bring the world of Chaos Realms to your fingertips. From the main portal you will be able to search for game mechanics or explore the Chaos Realms universe, which consists of three interlocking realms of existence, separated by a vast abyss and hidden portals known as the Gates of Kurnugi. The Gates of Kurnugi are designed to keep the creatures of chaos safely locked within their realm and require special keys, known as Sacred Flames, to unlock.