Factions, Cults and Corporations

There are four major factions and one minor faction involved in the Village of the Damned adventure, each with their own agenda and game content. Factions offer additional game content, new equipment, secret characters and divergent story arcs.

At the core of the adventure, a powerful megacorporation known as CorTek Industries is responsible for hiring the adventurers. Keeping a close eye on the adventurers is a covert intelligence agency known as the Advanced Intelligence Organization, or simply AIO. The Covenant are an ancient order of warrior priests dedicated to the protection of the Ark of the Covenant and for the protection of mankind from the forces of chaos. Behind the scenes and working in opposition to the Covenant, is the official, corporate-sanctioned, Order of the Morning Star (OMS). Lurking beneath the surface of the adventure, is a sinister cult of cannibalistic ghouls known as the Brotherhood of the Black Chasm.

Advanced Intelligence Organization

Brotherhood of the Black Chasm

CorTek Industries

Order of the Morning Star

The Covenant