Equipment and Other Useful Items

At the beginning of the Village of the Damned, the players will be given the chance to obtain any necessary equipment before they set out on their adventure. For corporate citizens, who possess the Mark f the Beast, they will be able to purchase supplies from official vendors and merchants within Kittatinny Prime. For un-Marked characters, they may attempt to find the nearby Black Market to make all of their purchases.

Available Merchants

There will be a couple chances for the adventurers to buy, sell or barter for supplies. Starting at Stroudsburg ruins, there is a local black market hidden nearby in an abandoned shopping mall. In Bethlehem, there are several unlicensed merchants selling various goods such as food, tools and survival gear scavenged from nearby areas. A small black market operation can also be found in Hellertown, near the construction site.

Salvaging, Scroungins and Looting

As the adventurers travel between locations, they may encounter several desolate towns and city ruins, each ripe for looting and salvaging.


Plot Items

The following items are necessary for the completion of the Village of the Damned adventure. Plot items often serve as keys to unlock specific parts of the story.

Book of Black Earth
Broken Telecom Device (Nathaniel Hawkes)
Telecom Device
Torn Page (Book of Black Earth)