Inserting and Formatting Text


Inserting Text

Inserting text into a web page using Dreamweaver is fairly simple. Click on any editable region of the web page and start typing away. When you first start adding text, don't worry about formatting it right away. We will get to formatting text later in this tutorial.


Importing Text

There are a couple of different ways to import text from a word document.

The copy and paste method is the easiest way to import text from another source. To do this, simply copy any text from a separate document and then paste it into an editable region of your web page.

Dreamweaver offers another method for importing text. From the main menu, click on File | Import and then choose from the following options: XML into Template, Tabular Data, Word Document or Excel Document.


Formatting Text

There are many ways in which to format text. This section of the tutorial will not cover all of the possible formats, but rather it will show you how to get to where you need to go in order to format text.

From the Page Properties dialog box you can change the background color, text color and size. From here you can also align text and more. To format text using the Page Properties dialog box, simply click on any element within an editable region of you web page and then change any of the properties you chose.


You can also edit any tag by hand by clicking on the Code view button and then modify the CSS and HTML directly into the source code. This is where it helps to have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS.