Dreamweaver Tutorials


How to use this tutorial

This tutorial will provides several easy to follow guides that shows you how to create new pages in Dreamweaver, insert and format images, text, links and how to work with forms. Each topic can be accessed by cliking on the appropriate link on the left navigation menu.

Any time you need to come back to the Home Page, simply click on the small logo at the top of this page.


What is Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver is a GUI-based Web page editor originally produced by Macromedia. Dreamweaver is now owned by Adobe Systems, Inc. These tutorials use Dreamweaver Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5).

Dreamweaver serves as both an X/HTML page creation tool and a Web site management tool, offering the capabilities to organize and structure entire Web applications.


Building Your First Site

Building your first website may seem like a daunting task, but it is actually very easy. There are a few skills that you should become at least somewhat familiar with before you adventure on your website development journey.

Some of the neccessary web development skills include: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.