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This collection of random loot generators were designed for the Chaos Realms table-top role-playing game, but can be used with any fantasy, horror, science fiction or modern rpg.

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The following random generators require javascript to function properly.

 Name Generators

The following name generators can be used to quickly come up with names for your protagonists, antoagonists and other characters for a modern, science-fiction, horror or fantasy setting. First choose the appropriate setting and then decide if you want a male or female name. Don't forget to include a "nickname" for your character by clicking on the radio button.

 Loot Generator

This random loot generator can be used to quickly generate random goods (weapons, money, food, etc.) for a modern/post-apocalyptic/survival-horror table-top role-playing game setting. Generate random loot by clicking on a location. Note that in order to include ammo, weapons and armor, you must also choose between ammo only, weapons only, armor only or weapons, ammo and armor by clicking on the appropriate radio button.

 Weather Generator

This random weather generator can be used to generate random weather events, along with weather-related hazards, for a modern/post-apocalyptic, table-top role-playing game setting. This generator allows you to generate generic weather or season-based weather. Choose the season by clicking on the appropriate radio button, then pick the continent that you want to generate weather for by clicking on the correct button.

 Dice Roller

Dice are used for generating random numbers and are typically used for gambling. I built this pseudo-random dice generator for table-top role playing games, but if you want to use it for gambling, then by all means (just don't forget my cut of 10%). This dice roller allows you to choose between a variety of dice, from 3-sided up to 100-sided die. You can roll up to 10 dice at a time (the numbers are added together).