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From designing maps used in tabletop role-playing games to progamming artificially intelligent characters and monsters for console and PC games, these articles offer insight into the exciting world of indie game design and character development.

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 DIY - Tabletop Props and Set Pieces

Follow along as we build various miniatures and set pieces for the Chaos Realms table-top role playing game. Using little more than cardboard, modelling clay, foam, random parts from models found at your nearest hobby/crafts store, along with rand debris found around your house, we will build props and set pieces that can be used for any modern, science fiction or post-apocalyptic table-top game.

If you are a seasoned game master looking to spruce up your games, or an amature game designer looking to build your own set pieces for tabletop role-playing games...look no further. These game-design tutorials will guide you through the creative process of turning random pieces of cardboard, junk, lots of glue, every day items and layers upon layers of paint into fantastic minitaure set pieces.

As an additional bonus, I offer tips and strategies on what types of things to be on the lookout for when collecting bits and pieces to add to your set piece; from sand and gravel, to small twigs and sticks.

Johnathan Nicolosi - 15 Oct 2017

 Modern and Apocalyptic Miniatures (28mm)

Indie tabletop game designers and crafty game masters working on tabletop games set in a modern, science fiction or post-apocalyptic setting may enjoy adding the following miniatures to their games. Apocalypse Survivors: The Men and The Women, by Wargames Factory, offers a variety of armed civilians from men and women to children. US Soldiers from Mars Attacks, The Miniatures Game, provides a small army of elite military forces, which can also be used as corporate mercenaries or armed militias. Additional miniatures have been repurposed from the Call of Cthulhu boardgames by Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson, and Dark Heaven Bones by Reaper Miniatures.

Johnathan Nicolosi - 12 Oct 2017